Make better personal decisions:

  • Save time: know who you’re dealing with—before you even make contact with a new person.
  • You will know how to start any conversation, by knowing, in advance, how to connect with someone
  • immediately.

  • Understand what makes people tick: knowing people’s motivations and values gives you a masterful leg-up in all kind of situations.
  • Reduce your stress about meeting new people; you will now know who they are—before they open their mouths.
  • Know who to date: know whether they are winners or losers before you invest your time.
  • Guide your children: you will be able to help your children choose their friends wisely.
  • Find the right professional: you will be able to find the best doctor or a dentist for you.

Make better business decisions:

  • Make more money: when you know what drives others and what they want, you will be able to satisfy their needs and drive more to the bottom line.
  • Make better hires: you will know ahead of time the innate capabilities, talents, and liabilities of your candidates.
  • Save money: you will be more profitable when you’re not wasting time on people who will never buy or have no integrity.
  • Prevent conflicts: you will see the potential conflicts before they arise and how to prevent them from becoming problems.
  • Build better teams: you will already know the best role fit for each member, and that will save you tons of time, money, and frustration, plus your team will be happier because they will each be doing what they are best at.