What is in a name? More than most of us realize. What our names mean is hidden in the arrangement of the letters within your name. Neimology® Science is the study of the placement of the letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one’s character. A person’s behavior, personality, learning style and even what kinds of gifts a person likes are all part of your name’s hidden meanings and are deciphered by Neimology® Science.

The difference between the current books that give name meanings etymology on the market and “Know the Name; Know the Person” is that name books give you a short paragraph or less on the meaning of a first name only. The effect of the last names is not taken into consideration. Sometimes the books restrict name meanings to the Christian name meaning or the first name only. They definitely don’t let you know how they came to that conclusion. Why does each name mean what it does? How did they figure that out? Neimology® Science dissects the name and lets you know what each letter means, depending on where the letter is located in your name, along with how that letter’s characteristic adapt depending on what letters are adjacent to it.

You need another person’s cooperation to learn about them if you use astrology, EFT, handwriting analysis, palmistry, or numerology, to name a few. In astrology you need to know their date, time and place of birth in order to crack the code of who they really are. In EFT you need their cooperation.  In handwriting analysis you need a sample of their handwriting and with the use of computers today, that is getting harder and harder to acquire. In palmistry the person must be willing to show you their palm. In numerology, you have to know the person’s full name and birth date before you can be accurate. However, in Neimology®Science, the moment you are introduced you start learning about the other person. Each part of the name reveals more information, and you can start analyzing their name immediately, on the spot, and without doing any configurations or needing paper and pencil first. Neimology® Science is a way of increasing the accuracy of your first impressions besides immediately learning the person’s communication style.

Did you know that your first name is the essence of who you are? Did you know that your last name represents your family’s beliefs and how you were reared? Thus, how both nature and nurturing affected your life is hidden in your name. Your life’s purpose is hidden in your name. Your contract with the Devine is written in your birth name. What did you come to learn? What did you come to share with others? All of this and much more can be found in your name using Neimology® Science.

In our busy world we must make decisions about people quickly, to hire or not; to share personal information, or not; to create a business agreement, or not; to trust with money, or not; and to start a personal relationship, or not. Often there is not enough time to know the person sufficiently before making a decision that could cost both time and money along with one’s reputation. Knowing what to look for in a name provides an immediate insight into others, as well as our own, personality traits. “Know The Name; Know the Person” is a must read for everyone who wishes to have insights into self and others.

By learning Neimology® Science you will:

  • Find out how first, middle and last names, as well as nicknames and married names, affect behavior and thinking.
  • Realize potential conflicts with others and how to avoid them.
  • Know what types of gifts are appreciated.
  • Learn how to sell to people in a style so that they will want to buy.
  • Learn how to quickly access strengths and identify what support is required for yourself and others in order to succeed.
  • Become an excellent conversationalist depending on the name of the person you are addressing.

We are our names. Recognize what others reveal in their names, and what others immediately know about you, once you know Neimology® Science. This new science can be learned by reading “Know the Name; Know the Person, Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names” by Sharón Lynn Wyeth, OR by taking the Neimology® Science seminar given by the instructor either in person or downloadable off of the web.

It took Wyeth fifteen years of research and three additional years of fieldwork to perfect this science. You can learn it in a fifteen hour workshop! Sign up today. So, what’s your name’s hidden meaning?