What are some terrible first names that parents give to their children?

Boy or Girl?

Some difficult names that appear harmless are: Heather, Morgan, Bruce, Andi, and Gordon as each carries more challenges in the name than gifts. However, you were probably thinking of weirdly spelled names like Abcde, (pronounced Ah-bay-c-dee) which has been showing up quite often in schools lately. Often foreign names appear terrible, yet they are not, as the pronunciation is simply unfamiliar to our ears. Using yet another definition, a terrible first name could be one that is too difficult to either spell or pronounce, or one that relates to something negative in another language. For example, Mala is a great name in the middle east, yet not so much in Spanish as mal means bad. It can also be considered a terrible name if it is a name that other children can easily make into a joke, like the name Jeremiah, as Jeremiah was a bull frog. Terrible names really are dependent on how you define what makes a thing terrible.

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