Thank you, Sharón!

I’ve been listening to everything you said 6 years ago, and it’s all is correct! The changes, the relationships, the opening to a new life, I recommend you to those I with whom I talk.

Mil gracias, besos

Aranzazu, Madrid, Spain

This is better than therapy.

Clara Otterbach, San Antonio, TX

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the reading today so insightful and brought clarity and closure to some areas.

Laura Tribble, Round Rock, TX

My Neimology® Science reading made a profound and unexpected impression on me. Sharon is a gifted interpreter and seasoned detective of the thousand-and-one details your name could reveal.

Carol Bedrosian, publisher of Spirit of Change Magazine

I am so glad to have your books and attended the class you did for us.  It continues to be a big help!  🙂

Nanette Puryear

Thank you, Sharón.  That means a lot to me.  I have to say the hour (or more) conversation with you was interesting as always, but this time especially left me more intrigued and wanting yet more information as I know you have a lot to share. Even after having read your book, I still don’t get how you are so accurate.  I will reread the dropping the first name into the last name section to see if I can pick some of it up better though.  Would love to attend one of your workshops but just don’t know if it’s feasible.  Will hope for that though.
Thank you very much for everything, including sharing your incredible expertise.

Blessings to you, 

Thanks again for the AWESOME session. It gave me a fresh perspective on my life and who I am!

Rikae Saunders

With the help of your years of research and books, you’ve definitely helped me out on opening my eyes on what I need to learn. You were ‘spot on’ in so many places, that I didn’t see in myself earlier. Of course, making the needed changes are always the biggest challenge and to keep doing the work, so as to not go backwards. So thank you again, for all that you’ve done and what you have shared with the world. You have definitely made a difference.


“Wow, wow, and WOW! I recently had a session with Sharon on my name, as well as other names of key people in my life. It was so exact and spot on that I was absolutely blown away. I only wish that I had done this earlier in my career.
She gave me extraordinary insight into myself and others. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a greater understanding of the people in your life, personally and professionally.”

Libby Moore
International Speaker, Coach, Consultant
former Chief of Staff to Oprah Winfrey

“Sharón’s analysis of my name blew me away. It was so exactly dead-on…She covered my relationships with my parents, my health conditions, the dates of transitions in my life that set me on today’s life path, the skills that were to become my zone of genius, my financial prospects, my ideal relationship partners and so much more—just from my name. It was astonishing and enlightening! This is a must-do if you want to gain insight into yourself today and for the future—and the people around you! Sharón’s skill and interpretation are truly awesome.”

Jackie Lapin, founder of, providing direct contacts that get transformational leaders booked for stages, radio shows, podcasts and virtual summits.

“I’ve been listening to your recording recently and I’m amazed how accurate it is. I used to talk about you and your book very often; you see…we’re all connected Dear Sharon.”

Arantza Garcia, Málaga, Spain

“You’re a treasure too and doing very valuable work. Have fun with it! Thank you for touching lives. Thank you for trusting your heart and soul.” Pamala Oslie, author of Life Colors: What the Colors in Your Aura Reveal


It was a great reading and you were right on, I would love to hear again what you said.  I have started listening to the course, I love what you are sharing is amazing and I am truly excited to learn what you have to teach!  Pam Drinnon


I owe you for such an amazing show. You are so gracious and loving. You truly are blessed with gifts and add so much to the lives you touch. You really could “feel the love”, on what kind of a show would you hear people calling in saying “I love you.” I’m so touched for the caliber of show we had.   Love you, Joyce.    {Joyce Riley, host of ‘The Power Hour’}


Thank you again so much for our time this morning. You have blessed me hugely with your reading as everything makes so much sense and so much clarity.

Much love,  Amelia  Siulangapo, Australia


This is a surprise!  Thank you for the recording.  Thank you so much.  I’m reliving the experience and listening as I write.  Thank you for your deep study in these things.  I think it gives me more clarity on things. I thank you for your thoroughness.  Chet Saur, Darien, CT


What an awesome reading, I just loved it, gave me lots of thought for moving forward in my life!!! Thank you for your extra time, that was very generous and such a gift to learn all that I did tonight!

Cindy Morse, West Bend, WI


Thank you, Sharon.  That means a lot to me.  I have to say the hour (or more) conversation with you was interesting as always, but this time especially left me more intrigued and wanting yet more information as I know you have a lot to share. Even after having read your book, I still don’t get how you are so accurate.  I will reread the dropping the first name into the last name section to see if I can pick some of it up better though.  Thank you very much for everything, including sharing your incredible expertise.
Donna Righi


Thank you SO very much, Sharon! It was a real pleasure speaking with you today/tonight, and you really reaffirmed for me that Muhammad is the one I’ve been waiting for. The connection between us is incredibly strong, and the love between us like nothing I’ve experienced before. You have a real and true gift, Sharon! Thanks for sharing that with us. You’ve definitely found your purpose in this world! I’m attaching a photo of Muhammad and myself (separately, since we have yet to meet in the physical–He’s still in Pakistan.), just so you have faces to put with our names. Should we decide to marry, you will be receiving a wedding photo as well, when it comes to pass.  Love and blessings to you always, Suzanne M Borho

“I love your radio show-great entertaining education, fascinating & fun! Then yesterday I was determined to re-listen, for the first time, to the CD you mailed. I had not even opened it. I was “percolating on it,” getting used to the new name, keeping it to myself, as these profound realizations were surfacing all along. It took a few tries before I could get it to play–and was blown away by what I heard newly. Thank You, again for your knowledge, wisdom, and service. Haley M


I am writing this to let you know how healing your name reading was. The details were amazing and so right on.
Thank you for your kindness.

Nancy Shaffner, North Tonawanda, New York


What you have invented really clarifies the overview of a person’s style of relating; and the know-so-you-can-grow approach takes the bite out of it as does your kind heart.  Jan Kenton in Bonner Springs, KS


I have conferred with Sharón on many major life changes and decisions; including health, career, finances, relationships, and residences; for over twenty years. A reading provides practical solutions for everyday problems, including specific dates and timing for key decisions. Neimology® Science’s unique perspective encompasses general commentary on one’s soul growth and spiritual development; while offering course-correcting suggestions for daily living. There are no issues too small or large to seek assistance with, as they often reveal deeper beliefs and attitudes driving behaviors. A reading is particularly helpful when seeking corrective solutions for subconscious patterns and habits. Sharón is consistently accurate, bright, witty, and kind. The usefulness of her readings are unparalleled.

Paula Chiarmonte Palo Alto, CA


“I’ve interviewed Sharón and read her books, too. She’s the real deal! Find out amazing things about yourself, and others too! Jondi Whitis


What you have invented really clarifies the overview of a person’s style of relating; and the know-so-you-can-grow approach takes the bite out of it as does your kind heart.  Jan Kenton in Bonner Springs, KS


Thank you so much for the wonderful reading that you so graciously provided to me yesterday.  It truly put a light on so many things and the accuracy was just amazing! It made me understand my parents even better and the trajectory of my life.

Dorothy B. in New York City, NY


” I am blown away at Sharón Lynn Wyeth’s  talent and impeccable results she gets.” Sean Douglas, radio host.


“Thanks for being on the show! You are always fascinating.” Wade Taylor, Producer on WS RADIO


Very informative and enjoyable. We both thank you. Mike Brown, Friendswood, TX


“You are an amazing woman and I thank you very much for taking time for the show.  I am completely intrigued by your work.” Nina Woodard, host of “HR Insights Hour” radio show in San Diego, CA


In the summer  Sharón & I roomed together in Sedona for an entire week as we spent our time going on adventures & meeting all kinds of amazing people while attending a conference where we were randomly paired with roommates. She is without a doubt, simply brilliant… She’s versatile & her amazing talent for laying foundations, setting goals & finding practical solutions have been helpful to many businesses; for me personally, her advice has been invaluable. Sharón’s skills at recognizing patterns in the names & personalities of her students has led her to discover the new field of science or a system of value called “ Neimology® Science“ as her research & the books she’s written do indeed prove that we’re able to judge a person’s character just by knowing their name. Sharón has a knack for promoting ideas; she’s reliable & understands the bottom line & pursues excellence. In a nutshell, I have so much faith in her abilities & her intentions that I’d vote for her if she were running for President.  Laurie Shafer


The anger I felt towards my daughter because, as you may suspect, I sacrificed a lot for her to have a good life; especially my career that I quit despite of loving it because I had to travel and it was causing my daughter to be depressed when she stayed home with her depressed father.  Your suggestion for me to be patient (which many people had given me) really hit my understanding because you told me WHY it would be better for me in the long run. THANK you so much. Jacynthe Envoyé de mon


I enjoyed your interview with Patrick on OneRadioNetwork and ordered (and received) your book, Know the Name, Know the Person.  Fascinating – and right on!  Shirl Cook,


Sharón’s interpretation of the letters in my name revealed my personality on a deep level. I was impressed by her expertise. It helped me see myself in a new way. I recommend a Neimology® Science consultation with Sharón.  Nancy Fairbrother

My session with you was SO ENLIGHTENING. Carol in Wisconsin

Hi, Sharón – that was pretty convincing! 🙂 I DID enjoy that, Sharón! Lol, that was a very complimentary commentary on my name. And Charles… not bad. You touched on his dominant characteristics. J.C. at Caravan to Midnight

“Thank you very much for our time together. I am in such gratitude for the time you spent with me today on the reading. You delivered so much more than what I expected and so I just want you to know how deeply grateful I am. I continue to be amazed at synchronicity, Divine timing and people who come in as gifts to us as Universal support. Your advice and wisdom really helped me to see possibilities.”

Kimberly Gannon

Happy Birthday Sharón Lynn, It’s Your Day… Relax with your ‘feet-up’! .. Well done. Oh!! Don’t forget to keep inspiring us all. We can’t wait to keep following you on your journey. You are so significant to so many – even people you don’t know. Thanks for being you and delighting us as that ‘Outstanding Woman’. Feel free to use these wishes for your own testimonial page and tell the world what we think about your inspiration. Have a great day. Love.

Michael and Marianna The Centre of Excellence for Mind Empowerment® Awakening the Power of Your Dormant Ancient and Sacred Heart United Kingdom – Namibia – South Africa – Dubai

“This is fun. The accuracy is borderline scary. That is pretty good.”

Big Bob on EZHelp You and More Radio Show.

[12/4/14 4:58:24 PM] Sterling D. Allan: I’ve never had the station skip both breaks before. They were enthralled!Sterling Allan, radio host, PES Network, BBS radio station
On the same radio show, the other guest speaker, a scientist in the same vein as Nikola Tesla, Patrick Flanagan stated, “AWESOME!!! SHARÓN IS OFF THE CHARTS!!!”

“What’s in a name? Everything as you’ll find out in Sharon Wyeth’s new edition of Know the Name; Know the Person. If you want more success, love, and financial freedom for yourself or your newborn, pick up a copy of the book to choose the name wisely. Your future is in the balance.”

Cynthia Brian, New York Times best selling author, TV/Radio personality

Dear Sharón
Thank you very much for the reading this am, it was very accurate and some of the things I had not thought about but will think about.

Kathleen Smyth, Ireland

I wanted to let Sharón know that the name reading she did for me was so inspiring and 100% accurate that I decided to keep my married last name.

Maja Heric

Thanks for your amazing reading yesterday and for sending the recording. Much appreciated. Your work is amazing!!!

Lyn Robinson

Your work is amazing,valid,and inspirational. Since some of us in this temporal dimension live on inspiration,your interpretations of reality become as manna,food for thought that nourishes the spirit. Reflectivity that awakens the I am. We all need that. Thank you so much.

Norman Smith

I am so glad to have your books and attended the class you did for us. It continues to be a big help! 🙂

Nannette Puryear

Counting my blessings here and you most certainly are at the very top. You are a walking gem spreader. Thank you for spilling over into my life in such a big way. Please tell Sharón she is like the walking Milky Way of a refreshing, welcome vast untapped reservoir of knowledge.

Tacey, El Dorado Hills, California

This is the next best thing to mind reading.

George, Greenwood, DE

Thank you so much to follow up with me on this….my experience with
you was incredible.

Tamma, St. Peter, Florida

Thank you so much for the call – I am still thinking about the accuracy and completeness of your reading – amazing! Thank you for the download.

Best regards Noeleen Clements in Sunward Park, South Africa

Finished reading my book this morning and it is totally awesome, and exactly right…simply amazing!

Laurie Shafer, Morgantown, Indiana

This is fun. The accuracy is borderline scary. That is pretty good.

Big Bob on EZHelp You and More Radio Show.

That is absolutely scary. This is nailing all of us. This is absolutely incredible.

JR Snider, Host of WSJS 600/1200 AM in Winston-Salem, NC.

Dead on accurate.

Bulldog, Host of WOXM Radio show in Ocean City, MD.

I can’t tell you how valuable your reading was for me. Simply amazing. I am so very grateful to you on so many levels. I feel like I’ve known you forever because it seems like you know me so well. I bet you get that a lot. With much love and respect for your time and talents.

Holly, Westminster, Colorado

Thank you for sending this so soon. Bless you for that and even more for being the conduit of such love…many, many, Blessings to you.

Gail Gooch, Nashville, TN

I find your work so fascinating, to my mind the dimensions of your consideration, to God or good bless. I was searching for truth, on my journey I found truth, love and compassion, all that ever mattered, all that ever will. You care for the generation coming behind, and recognize that they are a generation ahead.

Deirdre, Ireland

Thanks again for your wonderful insight to the names we’d chosen.

Ted and Erin, Ontario, Canada

I wanted to thank you again for your time.  So many things you said were invaluable to me, but one really helped me understand what I was experiencing. You said that I was grieving my job and you are exactly right. Most people wouldn’t relate grieving to your work, but it is true.  I am grieving it, sad that its nearing the end, and anxious about the future.  It helps to deal with it when you understand it.  And so many other things that I will have to re-listen to the words when they arrive and write them down. As always, you have given my spirit a super boost.

Linda in Rincon, GA

What an incredible amount of study and learning you did to create what you have.  I’m just blown away with it.

Phillippa, in Armadale, Western Australia

I just need to say thank you again for your wonderful reading you gave me last week.
I shared it with my daughter and sons and they were blown away by it as well. So I bet they will get an appointment with you in the near future as well. So will my partner I think for he was very interested to find out more about his own name.

I am looking forward to getting the book and I will order the new book as well 🙂 What a wonderful start of the New Year to be knowing a bit more on life lessons and purpose. Thank you again for taking the time and listening. I have been sharing this new found science with a lot of my friends and encouraged them to go to your website and get a reading so I am hoping you get lots of great new clients from my referrals.

May you continue to grow and share the wisdom with us so we can all grow and learn.

Yvonne in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Thank you so much for the session & audio recording. You are awesome, caring and to the point. Thank you for making a difference in my life.

Mary Ellen in Tamuning, Guam

Thank you so much for sending this reading.   I have listened to it repeatedly, and have learned so much.  I’m still in awe!

Tanya in Bloomfield, New Mexico

I was so struck by your description of me on the radio.

Kathleen R. in Seattle, WA

Just a quick note to let you know how much I appreciated your reading of my name.   After I hung up and my husband listened to my call we went in search of my birth certificate.  I can remember my mom telling me many times that she took out one of my “N’s” because it made my name to long.  I had a notarized copy of the county hospital birth certificate with the spelling of Lynette with the one “N”.

In the early 80’s I had applied for a passport.  They wouldn’t accept the former document so I had to apply for a duplicate birth certificate.  When I received the birth certificate I didn’t pay too much attention to the spelling of my name on the document. Of course I signed it how I had been signing my name for umpteen years with one “N”. It was notarized and I got the passport.  Now, after our reading, I am looking at the b/c and right there is the two “N’s” in my name.  What a shock to see it.

Now if I understand you, it would be wise of me to use the two NN’s in my name being it is on the birth certificate as my original energy signature.

That night I practiced writing my name with two “N’s”.  It must have released so much energy within because I couldn’t get to sleep for 3 hrs.  Needless to say I am having interesting experiences as I shift the vibration from reclaiming my original pattern.

I have shared this with many and they want to have a reading from you.  As you said, I am a great promoter in things that I feel have value.  Thank you again, I feel like I may have found one of my kindred spirits with you.

P.S.  My husband is a handwriting expert so this fits in with his knowledge.  Oh, by the way.  He told me after learning this new information about my name, that every time he is going to write my name on something he would want to put two “N’s” in it.  After 26 years of marriage he is just telling me this.  Timing is everything!!

Much Gratitude,

Lynnette in Sandy, Utah

I had a session with you earlier, which was fascinating, illuminating and SO DARN TRUE! I have met someone and would like to have you run his name for me in conjunction with my name.

Sue in Sherwood, OR

Thank you very much for the reading you gave me yesterday. I am in awe of your knowledge, your accuracy!, and your ability to synthesize the vast details of letters.  My reading was interesting and informative (to say the least). Your work really intrigues me.

Donna in Drexel Hill, PA