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Thought I’d share the latest interview in SIBYL MAGAZINE, February 2015 issue p. 23 quoted here:


“Know The Name, Know The Person”

By Sharón Lynn Wyeth
Creator of Neimology® Science

What is in a name? More than most of us realize. Our names give us clues as to why we are here and what we came to share and learn in this lifetime. Neimology® Science is the study of the placement of the letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one’s character. A person’s behavior, personality, learning style and even what kinds of gifts a person likes are all part of your name’s hidden meanings.

Neimology® Science dissects a name and lets you know what each letter means, as the meaning depends on where the letter is located, along with how that letter’s characteristics adapt depending on what letters are adjacent to it.

How does Neimology® Science work? The first vowel in the first name represents your communication style, your buying and selling preferences and your learning style. The first letter in your first name is the first impression that you make on others. The last letter in your first name is the lasting impression and what others will often say first about you behind your back. The middle letters are the qualities that are subtler and take others a while longer to recognize. They are the things that we notice as we get to know a person better.

Our gifts and challenges lie in our names as well as the solutions to our problems; thus, the adage that we all have within us the solution to our problems. This istrue in Neimology® Science. Wouldn’t you like to find the solutions to what troubles you quickly? One of the greatest gifts hidden in our names is what we are good at doing; thus our career fields. Our name is our guidance system. So, we came with our own compass.

Dropping the first name into the last name indicates our talents. Did you know that your first name is the essence of who you are? Did you know that your last name represents your family’s beliefs and how you were reared? Therefore, both nature and nurture are in a name. When a person changes her last name, as in marriage, it is a reflection of the person’s changing environmental influences, how her husband now will have more influence on her than her parents.

The middle name indicates how we behave under stress. People with no middle name behave the same regardless of stress. Conflicting first and middle names could be the reason for a Jekyll and Hyde personality. Quite often, when the middle name is stronger than the first name, we procrastinate, as we push ourselves and get the best work done when under stress.

our life’s purpose is hidden in your name. Your contract with the Divine is written in your birth name. What did you come to learn? What did you come to share with others? All of this and much more can be found in your name using Neimology® Science. We are our names. Once you know a person’s name, you know all about the person.

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