“Just Add Magic” stars meet Sharón

“Just Add Magic” stars introduced to Neimology® Science.

Sharón with the "Just Add Magic" stars.

Sharón with the “Just Add Magic” stars.

“Just Add Magic” stars Olivia Sanabia and Abby Donnelly chat with Sharón in the green room at Fox 5 San Diego where they learned the answer to the question, “What does my name mean?”. These two young ladies are delightful and so was their team. Their new show “Just Add Magic” is an Amazon Original Series where cooking will never be the same as magic has been added into each recipe.

The greatest surprise for them was the accuracy of what their names revealed. Olivia and Abby were thoroughly amused and giggled excitedly as each part of their name analysis revealed amazing accuracy. They couldn’t wait to share the new found information with everyone in the room.

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