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This is a list of the people who have taken courses presented by Sharón, and who are accurate when utilizing Neimology ® Science to give readings.

If someone is claiming to be able to give you a reading utilizing Neimology ® Science and their name does not appear here, then they are in violation of the Neimology ® Science’s registered trademark and they are not certified to give readings. People who have read the books may only use Neimology ® Science for personal use and are not authorized to give readings or to use Neimology® Science professionally. Please inform us of any violations as we wish to be sure that each time you receive a Neimology ® Science reading that it is accurately done so that you receive the clearest, and most accurate information. Thank you.

Certified Neimology® Science Practitioners

There are two levels of certification.


These individuals have successfully completed Level 1 and are certified to give individual readings and answer questions concerning an individual’s gifts and challenges, relationships, including what was gained from their having their particular set of parents, time, and comparing two names.

Carol Ann Page carolpageks@gmail.com Leavenworth, KS


These individuals have completed Level 2 and in addition to Level 1 Certification are also certified to give readings that can also answer questions about hiring personnel, what words to use when presenting law cases, and how to choose juries. They can provide the subtleties in names and the advantages and challenges gained from their parents. They can also create new names for businesses, products and clients.

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