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Know The Name, Know The PersonKnow the Name; Know the Person
This book introduces Neimology® Science: the study of the placement of the letters in a name and how they interact with each other to reveal hidden secrets about one’s character. When asked who we are, we respond with our names, as if that says it all. Indeed it does when you know how to interpret a name.
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Know The Name; Know The SpiritKnow the Name; Know the Spirit
Why are you here? What is your purpose? This book tells you how to find your life’s purpose based on the placement of the letters in your name. Discover your contract with God in your name.
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Know the Name; Know How to Connect
This book shares how to create meaningful relationships and do it from the first time you meet someone. It also covers how to keep a relationship so that it does not become stale. Being able to connect with another person is priceless as our relationships are what gives our life value. This book introduces how to interpret a name so you can easily enhance your relationships.
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