Compare your compatibility with someone else. This is taken from an article on The author had difficulty writing the article not knowing Neimology® Science. Thus, I helped her so that I basically wrote this article. See the link below this excerpt.

Compare the vowels in your names to assess basic compatibility.
Vowels are the key to your date’s emotions. They represent a person’s feelings and ways of relating to the world and other people. So, the first question to ask yourself when comparing your name with your date’s name should be: do you have similar vowels? Go through and see how many you two share in common, but don’t count the last letter in either name — even when it is a vowel, since that position has a different meaning. The more vowels you have in common, the easier it will be for you to “get” each other.

The first vowel in someone’s first name is the most important of all, as it determines a person’s overall communication style. “The ideal romantic match is to find someone with your same first vowel; however, that would be quite limiting,” says Wyeth, who offers that the next best thing is to find a person with a compatible vowel instead. The most compatible vowels are found in A-O-Y or E-I-U groups. For example, a person who has an A as the first vowel in his or her first name is most compatible with a date who also has an A, O or Y in the first vowel position. Likewise, a person with a first vowel of E, I or U is most compatible with someone who also has one of those letters in the first vowel position of his or her name.

There have been discussions for years over whether the mind or the heart should dominate when making romantic decisions. While it is easy to make such decisions when both the mind and heart agree, what happens when they don’t agree? People with the A-O-Y vowel combination are prone to be ruled by their heads and are more work-oriented compared to people with the vowels E-I-U, who tend to be ruled by their hearts or emotions and need to have time to play. For example: the first time you see someone during your day, greeting that person with “how are you?” is important to people whose first vowel belongs in the E-I-U group, because they’re more emotional; however, the same question is inconsequential to the A-O-Y people.

Vowels can also tell you how comfortable your date will be with public displays of affection. Before going in for a kiss or giving a friendly pat on the back, keep in mind that most people within the A-O-Y first vowel group will find this inappropriate, while the E-I-U people won’t give a second thought to PDA (unless other letters in their name constrict them from doing so).

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