Know The Name, Know The Person

is the first book to use Neimology® Science to divulge how to interpret a name to know how a person thinks, feels and behaves.

Know The Name, Know The Spirit

s the first book to use Neimology® Science to divulge how to interpret a name to know a person's life purpose, both challenges for what one came to learn and gifts for what one came to share.

Neimology® Science

Neimology® Science is the study of the placement of letters in a name, and how they interact with each other to divulge natural tendencies in someone's character.
Human Resource Departments hire Sharón to sort through applicants because most are wasting time, resources, and personnel, reading resumes, screening, and interviewing, and are still failing in their attempts to hire. Sharón helps companies hire right the first time so the HR departments become the heroes of their company. Bottom line, your company can’t afford not to hire me.
Lawyers hire Sharón to improve their courtroom reputations by increasing their rate of successful litigation by thoroughly knowing the strengths and weaknesses of not only the judge, but every member of the jury. I help lawyers determine who will most likely find for or against your client. Bottoms line: Sharón's help can stack the deck in your favor.
Individuals hire me to master the power of their names because most haven’t a clue about the power in their name. l So, I help them skillfully communicate, go deeper, faster, and with greater accuracy, because then they can effectively align with others to create endearing, profound, and long lasting relationships. Bottom line, if you only knew what a name reveals you would be blown away
With our instant society, as demonstrated by the sheer number of credit card holders and fast food outlets, people want immediate gratification. Until now, it took time to become acquainted with someone. In our busy world, we must make decisions about people quickly, hire or not; to trust with money or not. Often there is not enough time to know the person sufficiently before making a decision that could cost both time and money along with one's reputation. Knowing what to look for in the name provides an immediate insight into others, as well as our own, personality traits. Today more than ever strong commercial messages bombard us and often interfere with our reliance on our own intuition about others. If you wish to strongly connect with your intuition, empower yourself by using "Know the Name; Know the Person" as your guide. Confirming your hunches about the people around you is an excellent method to become more in touch with your own inner wisdom. It is truly empowering to see your guesses confirmed by such a scientific method. Moreover, "Know the Name; Know the Person" will help you get in touch with that part of your consciousness that may have been lying dormant until now by showing you aspects of others that you may not have observed previously.  

Gain the Advantage in Any Situation

Now you can gain real insights into who people are and how they will perform simply by knowing their names. Often used for making hiring and other decisions, Neimology®, the science of understanding who people are from their names, has proven to be a very effective tool in personal and business life.  

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Each of us has a wonderful guidance system that is built into our birth name. We work with our name our entire life. It is important to know what gifts and challenges you created and how to use them to your advantage. Your name reading empowers you with knowledge. Today, Neimology® Science assists different individual groups: Human Resource departments in choosing appropriate candidates to interview, lawyers in how to present cases to judges and in picking their juries, and couples and families in seeking how to better communicate with each other to improve their relationships. Neimology® Science is also used to create names for new businesses, new products, book titles, and when people wish to change their name. Remember that Neimology®Science indicates a person's strengths, challenges, and overall blueprint for one's life. Click Here to learn more  
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